KonaRed Cold Brew, https://www.konared.com/collections/cold-brew-coffee

Deep River Chips, CT www.deepriversnacks.com

C2O,  http://www.c2o-cocowater.com/

Mancan, https://www.mancanwine.com/

Evissi, http://www.evissi.com

Yuzu, http://www.kiminodrinks.com/


It may seem to be a bit out of character for for a beverage company to distribute chips. A few years back a long time beverage guru changed hats and became the CEO of an up and coming chip brand. His immediate task was to seek distribution. He soon found that the existing chip distributors were bound to their large corporate brands. His first thought was that often where beverages were stocked, chips were as well. He soon presented his chips to a network of beverage distributors and found that chips were a great addition to their line ups. Although the learning process was a bit difficult-beverage distributors they soon figured out cases of beverages could not be stacked on the chips! Once the challenge was overcome beverages and chips were always found hanging out together in cafés and delis- a perfect match! We are proud to offer Deep River Snacks with our premium beverages brand.