The Truth About Refrigeration

The most important function of a craft beer distributor is to deliver fresh high quality beer. Of course it’s our responsibility to partner with breweries that brew the best, but when their beer leaves the breweries the responsibility of maintaining the quality is in our hands. Yes, we hire transport companies that truck our inventory at 36-38 degrees. When it arrives at our facility we store it our cooler. The next step is delivery.  Our fleet is equipped with refrigeration units that are powered by independent diesel  fueled engines that are not dependent on the trucks engine. Yes, when the truck engine shuts down the cool temps continue. We keep it cool!

Be aware that there are climate control trucks that claim to have refrigeration. These vehicles operate like the air conditioning unit in your car. When the truck comes to a stop so does the cool air. Basically these are don’t let your chocolate melt during transport and are not capable of maintaining the proper temps craft beer and Kombucha deserves. Cool beer = good beer!

Special thanks to Bob at Golden Gate Freightliner of Oakland for his efforts in building and delivering our new reefer trucks. Go Bob!

Sil Krevocheza
Geyser Beverage Co.