I am convinced that new beverage brands are the force that maintains the spin of our earth. Brands that enter into the market by two guys with a hose and dream play a very important part in the expansion of our beverage world. Although we see multiple brands fail we feel their existence contributes to the growth and expansion of the categories they enter. As they exit the beverage world they leave a void which is fill almost immediately by the next upcoming brand. So it’s our responsibility to help realize the potential of all new brands that come our way. If you are a couple of guys with a hose and dream, our warehouse doors are always open!

In 2010 there were just under a thousand breweries in the U.S. By the end of 2014 the number of breweries may exceed two thousand. Many of these breweries are just garage size operations or brew pubs that serve a local crowds and will never become mega stars. The majority of these breweries are founded by guys and gals with a deep passion for craft beer. Craft beer brands are the most amazing part of of the beverage world. These breweries have taken an ancient craft, adding innovation and their personal spirit to create styles of brews that even Pliny the Elder never dreamed of. Our role in distributing crafts is very simple. It is our responsibility to partner with craft brands that not only brew the best, but at the same time offer distinctive branding and packaging.

I’m confident that my personal passion for the craft beer industry will translate to bringing more and better beer to our customers. Stay tuned as we grow our craft beer selection. Remember the world is dependent on new brands to keep it spinning, and craft brews will your keep your head spinning at the same time. You know the old saying, “Drink responsibly my friends”.