In 1993 the Stroh Brewing Company partnered up with a Geyser to distributed the Stroh’s, Schiltz, Old Milwaukee, and Schafer Brands. Not long after that the infamous Tony Magee (founder of the Laugunitas Brewing Company) found Geyser to be a great fit to revolutionize the craft industry (micros at that time) by introducing one of the best IPAs known to mankind.

Soon after several other craft brands in need of a non corporate brand distributor depended on Geyser to enter them into the market. In 1997 Geyser began distributing the first ever energy drink into the U.S. Market. To make a long story short, Geyser departed from the e-drink business and restaged in 2010 by installing refrigerated storage complimented by a fleet of full time refrigerated delivery trucks. We have come full circle and at last Sil’s passion for craft brewed brands can be realized.