Refuge Brewery, California

Hopworks Urban Brewery (HUB), Oregon    

Red Betty Beer, Canada
Beer Valley, Oregon

Caldera Brewing, Oregon
Fish Brewing, Washington
Moab Brewing, Utah

Oskar Blues Brewing, Colorado
Snow Shoe Brewing, California
Unity Vibration, Michigan

Belching Beaver, California

Root Sellers Hard Rootbeer, Tennesse


Boochcraft, California

New craft brands on their way! Stay tuned beer lovers!

Why Crafts in Cans?

Northern California at this point has not realized that cans are the superior package when it comes to craft beer. In other states the “crafts in cans” market is far more mature than ours for no other reason than drinkers here have not been as well educated on the topic, or the can represents a numbers of large corporate discount lagers to the casual drinker. In the near future, the Northern California drinkers will choose cans as their go to package. This will happen when only when more of the finer breweries start offering crafts in can. They are coming to your favorite store soon!

10 Good Reasons to Drink Crafts in Cans

  1. Cans are the go to package when you are on the move. Accepted around swimming pools, great for outdoor recreation. When was the last time an airline offered you a beer in a glass bottle?!
  2. Cans are very recyclable. The independent recycler (on two feet and with a collection bag) will prefer gathering cans over the heavier bottles. Another positive point these recyclers offer is that they intercept the .05 cents per can that the State of California diverts to their general fund when the packages are not turned in, which is often the case regarding glass packaging.
  3. The State of California adds an additional recycle fee to glass, which cans are free of.
  4. Craft beer has two enemies, oxygen and light. Cans prevent light from penetrating and when capped there is a minimal amount of air to decay the freshness and quality.
  5. The cans offer a 360 degree panel where graphics can be displayed. Although cans for the most part are free of cardboard carriers they do need a plastic retainer…these can cause issues if tossed into the environment. Please handle your retainer responsibly.
  6. Cans can be crushed by the human hand. A great way to show off ones’ ego.
  7. A full truck load of 4/6 pack 12oz cans contains approximately 2,100 cases. Glass in the same pack will max out a truck with about 1,500 cases. Cans=more beer headed your way!
  8. At Major League Baseball games you are allowed to drink from a can. Stadiums do not fear that a can will be tossed at a lousy umpire.
  9. Cans stack with ease on the shelves of your favorite craft store cooler.
  10. Cans Rock! But we do love our glass bombers and bottles. We embrace the can revolution, but long live the glass container. Did you ever try to spin the can?